SEM system is a family of modular Smart Grid control units for intelligent power grids.....more

Autonomous short circuit protection AZZ 4.02 protects MV lines from faults and overload. ....more

MUPASZ 710 SZR is an automatic transfer switch with automatic reset and planned transfer switching functions. The automatic switch can operate in a cold reserve or a hot stand-by mode...more

offer from 2016

MUPASZ 710 plus is the 7th generation of the bay control units developed by the Tele & Radio Research Institute. Its success at the domestic and international market is due to its reliability, ergonomics...więcej

ELF is a multi-task utility software dedicated to the new generation of intelligent bay control units...more

CR and CRR current transducers (with breaking capacity) are used for measurements and protection in low, medium and high voltage power grids...more

MUPASZ 902E is a bay control unit for protection of incoming and outgoing bays in low and medium voltage power grids, dedicated for distributed systems with renewable energy resources)...more

SN 1 / SN 2 / SN 3 /SN 4 for continuous voltage signalling at the switchgear bus. The device conforms to LRM system requirements and IEC / PN-EN 61243-5...more

MIZAS 514 is a bay control unit used as a multi-function protection device for all types of electrical devices in low and medium voltage power grids e.g.: asynchronous and synchronous motors, transformers...more